The "Buy The Land, Send the Water South" campaign could potentially destroy the communities of the Everglades Region. 

Taking farmland out of production means farmers lose their land and way of life, factories will be forced to close, and in turn our communities will further deteriorate.

It is imperative we band together and fight back. We must challenge the big money campaigns spreading false and hurtful misinformation to achieve a hidden agenda disguised as conservation efforts.

Below you will find links to various documents and fact sheets that explain the water storage issues, water quality, the restoration plans in place, and the truths that address the misinformation being spread.


  1. SFWMD Facts vs. Myths About Blue Green Algae

  2. Who’s to blame for algae mess? Experts say urban growth, not Lake O (Palm Beach Post)

  3. Florida Crystals Florida's Algal Blooms Not Caused by Farms South of Lake Okeechobee

The Search for Solutions

  1. Palm Beach Post POINT OF VIEW Glades-area agriculture a pillar of Florida’s economy

  2. SunSentinel Enviornmental Critics Muddy Waters with Misinformation

  3. US Sugar Response to Rivers Coalition Ad in the Stuart News

***Ad constructed from peer-reviewed science and data from sources such as the South Florida Water Management District and independent research institutions such as Mote Marine Laboratory and the University of Florida