Today’s Students. Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Our future is only as strong as the leaders we are ‘growing’ right here in the Glades.


We are dedicated to helping people of the Everglades Region succeed.

Our economic sustainability and growth are heavily dependent upon a ready and able workforce. In order to ensure we have healthy business communities in the Lake O Region, we must invest in our students, our schools, and training programs.

There are numerous good local jobs available in our region but not enough qualified workers to fill the positions.

Some of these jobs require four years of schooling, many only require a certificate or hands-on training.

We aim to help build pathways for people looking to enter the workforce or find new career path, with local training and schooling opportunities.

We have gathered valuable information and resources in our area to help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.


Education is key to Florida’s economic development. Video by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.