‘Love Lake O’ Campaign

Lake Okeechobee is the liquid heart of the Everglades.


The South Florida Water Management District accurately stated that “The ‘Liquid Heart of Florida’ is a critical part of South Florida's flood control and water supply system. Millions of people, businesses, tribal interests and the environment depend on the lake to help protect them from floods and ensure they have enough water.”

The management of this 730-square-mile lake impacts each and every one of the 8.1 million residents we serve," said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Federico Fernandez. "Videos like this help better explain water manager decisions that address the complex interactions between stakeholder needs and using the lake as a resource."

The District has also recently created the SFWMD TV YouTube channel for informational videos, the Strategic Projects Interactive Map to keep the public updated on progress on key projects, Open Data Portal Website for public access to the District's geospatial data, the Restoration and Cost sharing tracking website to help public track the status of the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) Storage Reservoir Project and how much the state and federal governments have invested in major projects to restore Florida's Everglades and the Managing High Water website that provides public access to information on steps being taken to address the current high water emergency situation.

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Love Lake O Kissimmee River Endangered species transition from a wet period to a more wet period hold up canal levels during dry times to avoid salt water intrusion.

The educational video, "Who Relies on Lake Okeechobee?", was shown to the public at the SFWMD Governing Board's regular monthly meeting in September of 2018. The video explains the role of Lake Okeechobee on the landscapes of South Florida from flood control to water supply and environmental restoration. The video can also be seen by clicking HERE.