Our Vision

Protect Our Resources. Grow Our Economy



The Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance (LOBA) has been established to promote a unified effort of local Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, and business people around Lake Okeechobee, to lead and influence State and Federal policy, legislation, and regulation to create and/or enhance a positive business climate for the communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee.



We seek to organize, motivate, and educate business people in the Lake Okeechobee Region on issues affecting sustainability and commerce in our communities, in order to develop a unified voice that supports positive change.


A note from the Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance Founder & President:


December 12, 2017


In September of 2016, the Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance formed with primary mission of building economic strength and enhancing the quality of life in our region. Instead of being able to focus on the health our local economy and life in our region, battling a political Bill that could have devastated our communities demanded our attention and resources. Florida Senate Bill 10 was looming and 60,000 acres of farmland in the EAA was targeted.  If successful, this land would’ve been taken out of production; a devastating blow to our agricultural-based towns.

Now that Senate Bill 10 has been revised to a form that we can live with, it is time to reenergize our focus on the health of the Lake Okeechobee Region.

As we move forward, we will focus on ensuring the establishment of strong infrastructure, improving our schools, hospitals, transportation systems, and strengthening our economy.



Julia du Plooy, Founder & President