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Where do Lake Okeechobee Inflows come from?

Lake Okeechobee Inflows

Florida's Senate Bill 10 (SB10), the plan for an expedited reservoir south of Lake Okeeechobee, has provided tremendous amounts of attention, money and relief to coastal communities and estuaries.

Advocates of SB10 were loud, active and very vocal about costal waterways. Communities south of Lake Okeechobee got vocal in fear of our livelihoods when the bill called for taking 60,000 acres of farmland out of production to build the reservoir. Law makers heard our cries and amended the bill to instead use land already in public ownership for the project.

NOW it is time to solve Lake Okeechobee water problems, and focus on the health of the businesses around Lake Okeechobee who depend on agriculture and the lake.

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Where does water leaving Lake Okeechobee go?

Lake Okeechobee Outflows